Fireside Chat Interview : Enhancing Relationships Between Payment Providers And Retailers Via Value Added Services

27 Apr 2022
Theatre B

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions :

  1. Which key value-added services are getting the most traction in the UK retail market? 
  2. Which value-added services offer the greatest benefits to the retailer and how can they best prioritise them?  
  3. How can retailers use artificial intelligence effectively to stay one step ahead of the fraudster?  
  4. Which new developments in authentication should retailers pay most attention to and why? 
  5. How can the industry optimise the strong customer authentication (SCA) experience? 
  6. How can payment providers and retailers work together effectively to unlock the value of payment data?
  7. How can payment providers and retailers collaborate effectively on subscription services?   
Paul Rodgers, Chairman, Vendorcom and European Payments Evangelist, World Wide Web Consortium