Fireside Chat Interview : Establishing Best Practices Of Minimising The Impact Of Returns To The Retailer

27 Apr 2022
Theatre A

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions :

  1. What new trends have we seen in customer returns over the last two years? 
  2. How can retailers encourage trustworthy reasons for returned goods and prevent returns abuse? 
  3. What does excellence look like in a retailer’s returns policy? 
  4. How should a retailer go about communicating their returns strategy to the customer in 2022? 
  5. How can retailers best use technology to minimise the impact of returns on the business? 
  6. How can retailers best collaborate with delivery partners to minimise the cost of returns
  7. How can retailers best integrate sustainability into their returns strategies? 
  8. How should returns be managed from an omnichannel perspective? 
Tim Stevens, UK Head of Logistics - Bulk