Fireside Chat Interview : What The Secret Leaders Podcast Has Taught Me About Retail Leadership, Culture And Building A Successful Pureplay

26 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre
  1. Can you give everyone a quick overview of what the Secret Leaders podcast is, and which retailers have featured on it?
  2. What key lessons has the podcast taught you about successful leadership both within retail and in other sectors?
  3. What are the key leadership mistakes your interviewees have made that you’d advise retailers to watch out for in their leadership style?
  4. What have you learnt from the podcast about creating the right culture for a successful business?
  5. How can retail leaders maintain the right culture whilst embracing the trend towards work from home?
  6. Can you give everyone a quick overview of your eCommerce business Heights and why you chose a subscription model?
  7. How important has the influencer marketing been to the success of Heights?
  8. How would you describe your leadership style and the culture at Heights and how has it been impacted by your podcast interviewees?
Dan Murray-Serter, Co-Founder - Heights & Grabble, Host of UK's #1 business Podcast Secret Leaders and Angel Investor in Consumer & Web3