Keynote Panel Discussion : Building An Effective Delivery Strategy To Respond To Ever-Increasing Customer Expectations

27 Apr 2022
Theatre A

The moderator will ask some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to offer some questions of their own :

  1. What are customers’ expectations from delivery in 2022?
  2. How can retailers and delivery companies best manage their relationship to maximise efficiencies and reduce friction?   
  3. Which new delivery options should retailers be paying most attention to and which new ones are coming down the track? 
  4. How seriously should retailers be taking robots and drones as an effective mode of delivery?
  5. How will fulfilment by Amazon develop by 2025?
  6. How can retailers best keep the costs of delivery at acceptable levels but still meet their customers’ lofty expectations?
  7. How can retailers decide on what to charge for delivery in a demanding marketplace?
  8. How will acceptable delivery timescales change over the next three years? 
  9. What best practices should retailers adopt to maximise sustainability with their delivery strategies?
  10. How should retailers best communicate with their customers throughout the delivery process? 
Kash Ghedia, Group CIO - Applegreen
Najeeb Ahmad, Director of IT Operations - Pizza Express
Carl Boutet, Lead Advisor - McGill University Retail Innovation Lab & Course Instructor, Masters in Retail,  New Technologies & Business Models