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19 Mar 2024

Apply now - Rackspace Technology Generative AI Ideate for Microsoft Azure

Rackspace Stand: 5A68
Apply now - Rackspace Technology Generative AI Ideate for Microsoft Azure
Supercharge Your Generative AI Journey — from Concept to Pilot

Want to leverage the power of data to gain valuable insights, employ leading-edge machine learning techniques, and revolutionise digital experiences? Generative AI Ideate for Microsoft® Azure® can help you supercharge your cloud-first approach in today’s evolving digital landscape.

With Generative AI Ideate, our Rackspace Technology® cloud experts will give you an immersive, tailor-made experience — designed to propel your modernisation efforts to new heights. Our team possesses the full depth and breadth of knowledge in data, analytics, AI, machine learning and generative AI. They can help empower you to take your business into the future with invaluable insights and expertise.

Generative AI Ideate is designed to help you:

  • Accelerate production: Harness the full potential of Generative AI in record time.
  • Deepen your understanding: Dive deep into generative AI capabilities, including knowledge management, semantic search, content generation, code generation and synthetic data generation.
  • Explore endless possibilities: Dive into the vast expanse of Generative AI tools and Microsoft Azure services.
  • Responsible deployment: Identify responsible ways to use generative AI and create ethical and sustainable practices within your organisation.
  • Use case ideation: Evaluate your opportunities to create transformative outcomes with generative AI.
  • How It Works:

Step 1. Introductions: A member of the Rackspace Technology team will join you on a quick discovery call to get an understanding of how you leverage data in your business today. In this meeting, we’ll learn more about how your data is stored and which technologies you’re already using.

Step 2. Ideate session: A data solutions architect will conduct a session with your key business stakeholders to better understand your business challenges and identify how Generative AI could be leveraged across your organisation.

Step 3. Recommendations: Following the strategy session, our data specialist will follow up with proposed next steps for your team.

Register your interest by filling out the form and a member of the Rackspace Technology team will be in touch.

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