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An award-winning mobile app for selling and buying pre-owned clothes.

Apptension Stand: 6K28, Press & Speakers Lounge


The transformation of CountMe into LESS_, a shift from celebrating consumerism to advocating for sustainable fashion, was not just a change in functionality but a complete overhaul in philosophy and market approach. This evolution was critical, given the initial concept's misalignment with market needs and the lack of a clearly defined product strategy. 

The client's initial vision for the app needed an updated strategy. It failed to resonate with its intended audience and didn't bring tangible value to the target group. Moreover, the proposed Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was overloaded with features, complicating its development and potential user adoption.

To meet the immense challenges of transforming the app, securing partnerships with investors and tech experts like Apptension was crucial. This collaboration, essential for addressing technical complexities and rebranding efforts, was pivotal in repositioning the app to advocate for sustainable fashion effectively and lessen the apparel industry's environmental impact.


The founder wanted to revamp an existing app but needed tech and creative consulting on the project’s scope and features. To complete the task of acing the re-scoping and re-launch, we took the following steps:

1. Workshops – initial workshops set the stage, focusing on business goals, functionalities, and technology selection, a crucial step for aligning the project with strategic objectives.

2. Research and technology alignment – in-depth research by the creative team aimed to align the client's vision with market needs. This research, along with insights about market growth and consumer trends, informed the decision to focus on affordable second-hand outfits. The backend development was efficiently managed with ORM and accompanying libraries such as Django REST Framework.

3. Backend development and scalability – for backend operations, Celery and RabbitMQ were employed to ensure smooth task execution within the app, allowing asynchronous task handling and repeat attempts in case of failures, like email delivery issues. Preparing the app for traffic spikes, especially from influencer marketing campaigns, was a key consideration. The team conducted stress tests and utilized Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, and Firebase for efficient scaling and analytics, ensuring the app's readiness for high traffic while optimizing costs.‍

4. Presentation and MVP scoping – aligning the founders’ and investors’ visions with the new, tech-driven strategy required close collaboration. Focusing the MVP on crucial functionalities was key to staying within budget.

5.Team alignment and frontend development – motivating the existing team was crucial for embracing the new direction. The frontend development, important for user experience, was handled using React Native, Firebase, and Visual Studio App Center. React Native was chosen for its compatibility with both Android and iOS, offering a native UI experience and familiarity for the developers. Firebase provided various functionalities like analytics, cloud messaging, and file storage. Visual Studio App Center streamlined app development and testing, enhancing efficiency.

6. Security and user experience optimization – ensuring user safety was paramount, we implemented Auth0 for robust authentication and authorization. The frontend tech stack, including React Native and Firebase, was geared towards optimizing user experience across various devices, ensuring high performance even on slower devices.


The transformation of CountMe into LESS_ was a compelling journey that aligned with the increasing consumer demand for sustainability and eco-friendliness in fashion. After the launch, the rebranded LESS_ app became a beacon for change, promoting a lifestyle of less waste and more conscious consumption.

‍The process in LESS_ was designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Sellers could upload quality pictures of their clothing or accessories to give them a new life through an auction or a direct buy-now option. Consecutively, buyers could easily express interest and communicate with sellers to finalize transactions, covering aspects like payment and shipping.

‍Beyond transactions, LESS_ provided a social feature, allowing users to showcase their fashion sense. Users could engage with their followers through likes and comments by posting photos of outfits and details about the items, including brand and price. This social aspect turned the app into a community of fashion-conscious individuals.

Benefits and achievementsLESS_ significantly emphasized responsible shopping, encouraging users to upgrade their style sustainably. Within just three days of its launch, backed by a robust marketing campaign, LESS_ soared to the #1 position on the App Store shopping apps ranking in Poland. With over 700k users in the months following its release, LESS_ became a popular shopping app in its region, nominated for several startup and mobile app awards.

‍In summary, the LESS_ app emerged as a unique blend of fashion, sustainability, and community, meeting the modern consumer's desire for style without compromising environmental responsibility. Its rapid adoption demonstrates the market's readiness for solutions that align with a more sustainable and mindful approach to fashion.

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