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Brand Celio* achieves 5% higher full-price sell-through than planned with Increff

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Brand Celio* achieves 5% higher full-price sell-through than planned with Increff

One of the leading French menswear brands Celio* has relied on Increff Merchandising Software to manage complexity and enable accurate merchandise planning, replenishment, and inter-store transfer. Our algorithmic-driven software helped the brand to create a connected, consistent, consumer-centric retail network thus effectively managing localization, seasonality, fashion trends, and other demand complexities and achieving:

  • ~500 bps Higher quality sell-through than targeted
  • 600+ POS fresh allocation is done with in-depth planning
  • Automated replenishment runs scheduled in seamless integrations for 600+ POS

About Celio*

In 1970, on one of the most commercial streets in Paris, rue Saint-Lazare, Maurice Grosman, and his wife choose to open Cleo 3000, which later changed to Celio*. As of today, with more than 1100 stores in around 50 countries, Celio* has become a leading men’s ready-to-wear brand in Paris and a must-see internationally. In 2008, Celio* took its first international steps in India, with now more than 170 points of sales across the country itself.

Integration with Increff

The pilot with Celio* India began in 2020. Increff Merchandising Solution was able to adapt to the requirements of the merchandising team and deliver results. Today Increff Merchandising solution gives data-driven suggestions to Celio* India, almost daily for their 600+ stores, on Inter Store Transfers (Stock Balancing) via prescheduled automated runs.

Increff solutions for Celio*

  • Replenishment to stores
  • Fresh allocation to stores
  • Inter Store Transfers (Stock Balancing)
  • Buy plan suggestion
  • Planning reordering for essential articles


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