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Case Study: Eastern Shore Cycle

BEC Technologies Stand: 6B31
Case Study: Eastern Shore Cycle

The Customer

Eastern Shore Cycles is the town of Spanish Fort, Alabama’s destination small business for all things bikes, maintenance, and parts. Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and looks even better than new, Eastern Shore Cycles’ bike repair experts are equipped with over 25 years of experience, knowledge, and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time.



An erratic internet connection made running credit cards unreliable and caused Eastern Shore Cycle’s POS system to frequently go out of service. Being unable to run credit cards left Eastern Shore with three unfavorable options:   1) the bike store is unable to accept non-cash payments causing customers with no cash on hand to leave without making a purchase;   2) the employees would have to phone in for credit card approval which is a tedious and lengthy process, causing longer lines and likely causing customer frustration and unwillingness to wait, and 3) the store could accept the cards without authorization if the transaction is below a specific amount. Eastern Shore Cycles would be accountable for any losses due to accepting lost/stolen cards or cards that don’t have enough credit available on them. All three outcomes can cause loss of customers and permanent reputation damage to any small business.


How BEC Product Helped

While shopping in the Spanish Fort location, the CEO of Altaworx, a proud member of BEC’s Preferred Partner Program, noticed Eastern Shore Cycle’s dilemma with downtime and suggested BEC’s 6300VNL using AT&T LTE M2M card for flexibility of using one device to solve their impending problem. Instead of purchasing a separate LTE modem and firewall to handle failover, Eastern Shore Cycles could utilize BEC’s 6300 VNL 4G/LTE Multi-Service Router featuring a Dual-WAN interface, Ethernet WAN, 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Carrier-grade Wi-Fi 802.11n access point, VoIP (Voice over IP), USB, dynamic routing and a robust Firewall. With its straightforward installation process and quick response time on configuration questions, the 6300 VNL came to the rescue for Eastern Shore Cycles.



The BEC 6300VNL provided Multi-WAN connectivity, and Auto failover feature to ensure maximum connectivity and minimum service interruption for Eastern Shore Cycles. Guaranteeing seamless automatic failover with traffic prioritization in the event of a connectivity failure of the primary WAN interface, traffic is automatically redirected to the secondary WAN interface within seconds. The 6300 VNL router will also fallback when the primary interface connection is restored. After a quick installation, Eastern Shore Cycles noted that the 6300 VNL enhanced their ability to continue to operate when an internet outage occurs. Providing them with a better customer image, they never have to turn away business now that their credit card processing is no longer in question due to an inconsistent internet connection. Since implantation, there have been no instances of downtime when their primary DSL fails.



Having a WAN failover feature is critical to today’s retail businesses. Toting quick installation and out-of-sight security, BEC’s 6300 VNL gives retail businesses protected, safe, and fast solutions to keep their customers smiling while swiping those credit cards.

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