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09 Apr 2024

Clever Solutions To Your IT Headaches With Centrex Services

Centrex Services Stand: 6C28
Clever Solutions To Your IT Headaches With Centrex Services

Save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint with Centrex Services’ industry-leading IT hardware and break-fix maintenance provider. Discover Centrex’s innovative solutions to complex IT challenges at stand 6C28 during the Retail Technology Show 2024 at Olympia London ‘24.

Centrex Services is trusted by the UK’s largest companies for good reason; they treat the cause not just the symptoms of your IT challenges. Take the case of a leading UK supermarket, which Centrex helped save over £150,000 within six months of working together.

One Stop Shop & First-Time Fixes

Unlike other EPOS maintenance providers, Centrex is a one stop shop. In-house, the company has over 100 PAYE employees, including engineers and technicians, who successfully collaborate to complete an astonishing 80,000 fixes and installations each year. For Centrex, the aim is always the same - deliver secure, fast-turnaround times and ‘first-time fixes’ wherever possible.

Centrex’s expert in-house team is supported by over 20 strategically located Forward Stock Locations (FSL) nationwide. Each FSL permanently holds the inventory required to support customers needs at any time, no matter the issue. Centrex’s logistics management team holds real-time visibility on all stock levels within each FSL and the company’s engineers carry ‘boot stock’ - helping us achieve ‘first-time fixes’ as frequently as possible.

Centrex HQ, otherwise known as its operational distribution premises, spans a whopping 30,000 feet and includes a parts warehouse along with engineering repair, Refurbishment and filtration facility as well as WEE Disposal. 

Saving £150,000 In Six Months

Prior to working with Centrex, the aforementioned supermarket had been discarding faulty handsets due to a recurring fault in the antenna. This meant having to regularly buy expensive new handsets, as their supplier struggled to find suitable replacement antennas. 

By leveraging its extensive network, Centrex was able to source the correct antenna, helping the supermarket save money, fix broken sets faster and reduce the environmental impact of replacement.

Stories like this are commonplace for Centrex. The company’s customer-centric approach means the focus is always on delivering the most efficient solutions for your business. Examples include Centrex’s ability to, on average, save 50% on capital equipment support purchases. As well as Centrex’s capacity to expand the lifespan of your hardware beyond manufacturer promises, without compromising on quality, by utilising a circular economy approach.

For Comment & Collateral:

Nathan Greenaway, Sales & Marketing Director,

Centrex will be at The Retail Technology Show 2024 at stand 6C28.


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