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02 Apr 2024

Emma - The Sleep Company Grows with Fluent Order Management

Fluent Commerce Stand: 6E40
Emma - The Sleep Company Grows with Fluent Order Management
“Due to Fluent handling the underlying technology, the focus of the team at Emma® shifted more towards achieving business goals. This alignment with modern tech principles allows Emma® to be more innovative in providing service to end customers, rather than focusing on the technology itself.”

Emma decided to rethink their platforms, including an order management system (OMS), and focused on using an API-first, MACH-based philosophy.


  • Rolled out 4 major markets across the globe and over 30 countries in 18 months, with a plan to roll out in a further 10 within the next two months
  • Increased sales due to accurate inventory availability data
  • Scaled to meet spikes in demand - During Black Friday 2022, the Mexican market processed three times the number of orders as the previous year, but with 95% less system maintenance.
  • Streamlined customer service processes so their agents can better support customer requests 


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