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14 Mar 2024

Fitting Rooms Generate Intelligence with RFID

Crave Retail Stand: 5F30
Fitting Rooms Generate Intelligence with RFID

UK fashion retailer River Island knows the value of its stores’ fitting rooms, where shoppers can do what they can’t do online—see themselves in a sweater or pants, try them with other garments, and walk away with their purchase, knowing it’s exactly what they wanted.

To enhance that experience, River Island is one of the early adopters of a smart fitting room solution from Crave Retail that tracks RFID tagged goods as they come in and out of the fitting room. The solution provides a host of features for the shopper such as recommendations and loyalty benefits.

Crave Retail is a U.S.-based technology company that developed its digital fitting room experience several years ago. Its technology consists of RFID reader panels in fitting rooms, complete with touchscreens that help shoppers learn about the products they try on, see related recommendations and request additional products to try on.
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