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23 May 2024

Half a Billion Ratings for TruRating, the Customer Feedback Platform That Was 'Never Supposed To Happen'

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Half a Billion Ratings for TruRating, the Customer Feedback Platform That Was 'Never Supposed To Happen'

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2023 / TruRating, the world's fastest growing, most representative and trusted consumer ratings platform, today announces a milestone half a billion pieces of feedback collected worldwide.

Founded by consumer rights lawyer and advocate Georgina Nelson in 2014, TruRating's mission from day one has been to challenge the limitations of a feedback industry increasingly under fire for a lack of transparency around the provenance of ratings and reviews relied upon by so many customers every day.

By ensuring only paying customers provide feedback, Nelson and team have built a trustworthy alternative to dubious online platforms or tired receipt-based surveys by giving consumers a trusted voice - and, as TruRating overtakes platforms such as Yelp and Trip Advisor in the numbers game, the retail industry has started to pay close attention.

Traditionally the industry has struggled to get customer feedback from more than around 1-3% of the people that shop with them. "We knew the answer to challenges around customer feedback lay in taking a consumer-first approach. By giving customers a quick, simple, and anonymous way to offer feedback as they paid, we told businesses we could get them response rates of up to 80% daily - and so far, we've been proven right." Nelson said, speaking from TruRating's US HQ in Atlanta. Global brands who have recognized the potential of the patented technology to build stronger connections with their customers include the likes of Aldi, Levi's, Calvin Klein and Five Below.

Nelson knew that a key part of seeing her dream realized would be developing partnerships with the world's leading payment companies.

"When I first pitched my idea of using payment terminals to collect customer feedback to a consultant in the industry - he showed me a picture of a brick wall and basically said it's never going to happen," Nelson said. "The fact that we're now at over half a billion ratings is simply incredible. I couldn't be prouder of what we've achieved as a team."

It wasn't an easy undertaking to convince such a security-conscious industry to join forces with a young start-up, but now around 80% of global enterprise payments companies serving TruRating's target market are on board, happy to be offering such a valuable added benefit to their retail customers. Part of TruRating's success also lies in its philosophy of giving back to children's charities around the world, which it does with every response.

TruRating's hard work and clear vision for a better world for businesses and consumers has paid off. Nelson was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in FinTech, while just last week TruRating won the Customer Centricity World Series award for CX Solution of the Year - beating some incredible competition, including industry giant Qualtrics.

Simon O' Kane, vastly experienced at overseeing fast growth of tech companies, having served as Managing Director at both Qualtrics and Salesforce, recently joined the TruRating team as an advisor, investor, and non-executive director. Speaking from his London base, O'Kane said

"We're building something that will serve as a catalyst for future retail innovation and a full-scale overhaul of the insights industry as it exists today. TruRating has already proven it has the makings of a runaway success story, and I couldn't be more excited to be on-board for this stage of the growth journey."

With continued growth and expansion projected for 2023, the future looks bright for TruRating as the company eyes its next step - spring boarding from existing industry success into wider consumer awareness across the globe.

About TruRating:
TruRating is a technology company that specializes in customer experience insights for the retail industry. By asking a single question of each paying customer, TruRating provides feedback at a mass rate, combining payment authenticated responses with detailed transactional data. TruRating's unique platform allows businesses to make smarter business decisions, in real-time, while simultaneously fueling a trusted online recommendations platform. The company was founded in 2014 by then lawyer and consumer rights advocate, Georgina Nelson.

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