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Increff Offers Business Intelligence And Online Analytics At Zero Cost

Increff Stand: 6K01
Increff Offers Business Intelligence And Online Analytics At Zero Cost

Increff is one of the leading data and technology companies, offering omnichannel inventory optimization and supply chain management solutions to e-commerce, fashion, and retail brands. They recently announced the launch of their algorithm-driven Business Intelligence & Online Analytics tool for complete business analysis, at ZERO cost. As part of the Increff Merchandising Software, this tool is easily accessible by registering on Increff’s website and provides in-depth analysis to accurately plan inventory for offline & online retailers, merchandisers, and D2C brands.

The Indian retail sector is getting increasingly interconnected and diverse with each passing year. It has been burgeoning since the start of 2022 and is expected to grow to US$ 1,407 billion by 2026*. To tap this goldmine of an opportunity, retail brands are on a constant hunt for expert decision-making tools to help them with advanced analytics for inventory management. Omnichannel retailers can now utilize the potential of business intelligence and online analytics at zero cost, to perform in-depth data analysis and generate quick actionable insights for profitable and sustainable retailing.

Commenting on the launch, Anushman Agarwal, Co-founder, and COO of Increff, said, “To keep up with the dynamic industry trends and customer demand, modern retailers require digitized supply chains and predictive analytics to evaluate product performance and maximize sales. With Increff Merchandising Software, Business Intelligence, and Online Analytics tools, brands and retailers can reimagine merchandise planning, buying, and allocation to experience consistent business growth, at no cost.”

Business Intelligence helps analyze offline and online sales, thus providing comprehensive insights into business performance. Additionally, it provides an overview of the brand’s inventory performance on the website, in-store, and in terms of stocks. Whereas in Online Analytics, brands can review online sales across marketplaces and the company website, to determine the performance of the available styles and categories. It helps brands make informed decisions on the website layout and promotional activities to maximize e-commerce sales. Users can simply upload data on the platform and the smart tool will run the analysis to present comprehensive insights in a short time.

Using the complete suite of Increff Merchandising Software, end-to-end inventory planning, buying, and allocation solution, brands have achieved a 20-25% increase in revenue, a 4-5% improvement in the bottom line, a ~12% reduction in logistics costs, and ~28% improvement in ROS. It aims to increase efficiency and accuracy in determining the items to be stocked, their exact quantities, and the right price points to minimize excess production and maximize revenue generation. Retailers can easily sign up by registering here 

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