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11 Apr 2024

New generation POS printers. CT-S801III and CT-S851III POS printer range.

New generation POS printers. CT-S801III and CT-S851III POS printer range.

Designed to have the same great engineering as their predecessors, the new type 3 CT-S POS range offers ultimate usability, connectivity, and economy in a neat compact body. Ideal for applications within retail and hospitality where space is scarce and high performance is key.

Thanks to the huge success of the existing CT-S POS printer range, Citizen Systems’ recognised the markets’ need and requests for an upgrade to their favourite POS series. The new CT-S801III and CT-S851II will strengthen Citizen’s POS offering by replacing the CT-S601/651 and CT-S801/851 models. Both of the new printers encompass everything that makes the CT-S range popular – the choice of top or front exit, helpful message displays, flexible connectivity options and the same reliable Citizen quality. In addition to these great features, both the new printers are now equipped with outstanding print speeds of up to 500mm per second, a USB interface as standard, upgraded LCD screens and operating panels.

The new LCD screens are now more intuitive and ergonomic than before. With the ability to add company logos and scrolling messages, the POS printing experience can be personalised to any business’ requirements. Printer managers can programme the printer to display specific messages to make everyday operation even easier – low paper warnings, error messages and even instructions on how to order more receipt rolls – whatever the user deems relevant to their printing processes.

For businesses who operate a large fleet of POS printers, the new CT-S801III and CT-S851III are backwards compatible with all Citizen type 2 CT-S POS printers. This makes operating a mixed fleet of Citizen POS units easy. By implementing the new POS printers over time businesses can feel assured that their POS printing processes will still carry on with little to no interruption to their everyday tasks. Furthermore this saves time and other resources as businesses won’t be required to do one large overhaul.  

The flat, top exit design of the CT-S801III makes it ideal for all retail printing applications as well as for check out solutions where customers take their own receipts or in self-service kiosk applications to limit human contact. Whereas the front-exit design of the CT-S851III is perfect for hospitality environments to prevent spillages from food or drink getting inside the printer. Furthermore, both printers are part of Citizen’s disinfectant ready range. This means that the printers’ out casing can be cleaned with common cleaning chemicals without compromising it’s integrity – perfect for kitchens and food counters where disinfectants and hygiene concepts are common place.

Ideal for various queue management solutions, the CT-S801III and CT-S851III print up to 500mm per second, making them Citizen’s and the market’s fastest POS printer models. Confidently print high quality receipts, waiting numbers, coupons, kitchen orders and more in seconds.

Available in sleek black the CT-S801III and CT-S851III offer modern yet classic aesthetics, allowing them to fit in seamlessly with a wide range of working environments. Their supreme performance features are designed to withstand daily use with both printers being able to print up to 150kms, supporting the brand’s reputation of reliability within Citizen’s 3” POS printer range.

Both POS printers come with full hardware and software connectivity – USB comes as the standard interface making it simple to integrate with most retail and hospitality systems. However to offer even more flexibility you can also choose from several optional interfaces: Serial, Parallel, LAN, WiFi and Bluetooth. Comprehensive software compatibility for both printers includes Windows drivers, Mac OS X, Linux CUPS and SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile as well as industry-standard ESC/POS™® emulation.

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