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15 Feb 2024

Introducing the Star mC-Label3

Kestronics Stand: 6B38
Introducing the Star mC-Label3

Part of Star's popular mCollection, the new multi-functional mC-Label3 combines high quality, versatile thermal label printing with superior connectivity for PC, Network, Tablets and Cloud based systems. The mC-Label3 prints on a wide range of liner-free media including low adhesive 're-stick' as well as strong adhesive permanent and semi-permanent labels. 

Save paper with liner free media by being able to print high resolution text, barcodes, and graphics on low, mid and adhesive linerless media with no backing paper. What are the advantages of this? There is less spent on material and storage costs, as well as shipping and transportation. By using linerless means that there is a reduction of paper waste and possible hazards in bot restaurant and retail environments. However, for traditional liner labels the mC-Label includes Gap and Black sensors, which can ensure accurate positioning of your labels every time. 

The mC-Label3 prints on media from 25mm to 80mm wide, which can be used in lots of different applications including food and beverage labels to jewellery and pharmacy. This specific printer supports a wide range of media including linerless, die-cut, continuous and receipt. 

The mC-Label3 allows for ultra-connection. For those using PC, Network, Tablet, and Cloud systems this product is equipped with multi-interfaces for the most versatile connectivity, as well as SteadyLAN for a connected 4G or 5G device.

The mC-Label3 is a low maintenance printer. With a compact splash and insect proof design this printer is ideal for any environment, including restaurants. This device can sit happily both on, or under the counter and clear LED's indicate maintenance and parts replacement may be required. The colour coded cutter and platen are designed to be simply removed and maintained by the end-user. 

If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-use printer, the mC-Label3 is the perfect option for your business. 

Key Applications: 

  • Hospitality - Kitchen orders, food labelling 
  • Retail - Product ID, mark down, shelf edge
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacy 
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