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Jules uses Goodays to make CX and NPS their strategic focus

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Jules uses Goodays to make CX and NPS their strategic focus

The challenges

For Jules, the importance of a local response to customers is paramount because it offers a unique opportunity to act precisely from the experience itself. Before turning to Goodays, Jules had a global customer satisfaction measurement tool that didn’t give it a view of the different buying paths, nor did it empower the in-store teams to take responsibility for customer relations.


To take this customer-obsessed approach a step further, the ready-to-wear brand wanted to demonstrate the ROI of customer satisfaction. Since customer experience is a strategic pillar, it was necessary to be able to demonstrate the value of this investment and also to make budgetary projections in this area.


The Results

Strong commitment from sales consultants

The teams adopted the tool very quickly, and today about three people per store are connected to the platform: the manager and two store associates who can also be called upon to respond to customer reviews.


Driving additional revenue:

Jules Discovered the link between NPS and ROI, with a one-point increase in NPS, resulting in an increase of €0.15 per customer.


Download the full case study here: 

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