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21 Apr 2023

Meet LAVA Computer - the mobile battery experts you didn't know you needed

Lava Computers Stand: 5E54
Meet LAVA Computer - the mobile battery experts you didn't know you needed
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Talk to us about mobile connectivity solutions for all your needs.

Let us tell you about LAVA Computer, a Canadian tech manufacturer that has been building connectivity solutions since 1984. Initially, we focused on making serial and parallel tech for PCs, but as technology evolved, we pivoted towards the mobile industry.


LAVA’s Adapters

One of LAVA's most innovative products is our SimulCharge™ adapters which allow compatible tablets and smartphones to charge and access USB accessories or Ethernet connections simultaneously. As such, the adapters provide versatility so you can install them pretty much anywhere. You can hide the adapter from site while keeping it connected to the tablet, or you can place the adapter’s board into your own enclosure, if needed.

The adapters come in four different series: n, u, e, and o. The entry-level n series includes Docking Detect technology, ensuring proper connection protocols between the device and adapter. The mid-tier u series includes Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM), which protects the device's battery from overcharging. The top-tier e series features Network Recovery & Battery Modulation (RBM) – a technology that creates the optimal charging and discharging cycle of a lithium-ion battery, keeping it healthy for up to 6+ years. It is designed for 24/7 applications. Finally, the o series includes OTG capabilities, allowing the device to both power and communicate with USB accessories.

LAVA's adapters come in three different power options: 5-volt DC power adapters, Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters, and voltage converter adapters. PoE and voltage converter adapters offer longer distance capabilities than 5-volt adapters, but also eliminate the need for dedicated power cable routing, which means you won't incur the added expense of an electrician.


LAVA’s Enclosures

For those looking for a ready-to-go enclosure solution, LAVA offers enclosures with built-in SimulCharge™ adapters for specific tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung Galaxy A7 LITE, Lenovo Tab K10 Batteryless, and Lenovo Tab M8 HD as well.

Their technology provides tablets with simultaneous power and data, while the various port configurations make it easy to directly connect peripherals. Our Enclosures also feature Ethernet, which offers a more reliable network connection than Wi-Fi. Some also feature Power over Ethernet (PoE), which combines the wired network connection and power over the same Ethernet cable. This simplifies cable management and allows for distance charging, meaning you can install the Enclosure up to 328ft (100m) away from a PoE network switch or injector. Yes, this can even be done in locations where access to power is limited.

Similar to the stand-alone Adapters, many of our Enclosures also include overcharge protection through Battery Modulation, ensuring the tablet never exceeds a 100% charge.



At this year’s RTS23, April 26th and 27th, we will be happy to chat about all of our tech and solutions, especially with a particular focus on the following three:

  • K10 Batteryless Enclosure (designed for the Lenovo Tab K10 Batteryless tablet)
  • eSynC-vc5UE (designed for 24/7 tablet-based POS systems)
  • nSynC-P2UE (a PoE adapter for tablets)
  • Charge-Check (portable battery protection adapter)
  • VC-OEM

You can learn more about each product on our exhibitor page under Products: 

If any of these sound exciting or if you’d like to learn more – visit our Stand: 5E54, or contact our team at

We look forward to meeting you!


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