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Newland EMEA presents its newest scanning solutions at Retail Technology Show, London!

Newland Stand: 6G18, 6G20

Located at stands 6G18 and 6G20, Newland EMEA, will showcase its latest scanning solutions designed to enhance customers' shopping experience and streamline retailers' operations. With its extensive product portfolio, including handheld and stationary scanners, wearables, mobile computers, micro kiosks, tablets, and OEM scan engines, Newland EMEA strives to meet retailers' diverse needs. Be it a local store or a large chain, Newland EMEA is committed to providing the most advanced and reliable scanning solutions.

The main highlight is the new MT95 Kambur Pro – Newland’s first 5G Mobile Computer. Equipped with the latest 5G technology, the MT95 Kambur Pro adds high speed and low latency, ensuring fast and efficient data transfer at all times. With a full 5” touchscreen, the MT95 Kambur Pro is just like a regular smartphone, offering a modern and user-friendly design. The octa-core processor, Android 11, and 6000 mAh battery capacity provide the MT95 Kambur Pro with unparalleled performance and prolonged usage time. Overall, the MT95 Kambur Pro is perfect for improving stockroom efficiency and customer service on the shop floor.

Newland will also launch its Duo technology. Duo is a near-far scanning technology revolutionizing the retail industry by combining the best of standard and longer-range scanning using two separate scan engines working as a team. The two scan engines allow the new Duo technology to seamlessly decode the barcode according to how far away it is. Duo will enable retailers to scan barcodes, QR codes, and NFC tags, both from a close range of 30cm up to 8m distance. Duo technology is particularly well-suited for retail applications where a single device can replace the need for two separate scanners with differing scanning ranges. Newland’s flagship N7 Cachalot Pro Mobile Computer and the pistol grip for the MT90 Orca Series will be the first devices to include Duo technology presented at Retail Technology Show 2023. Both devices are perfect for use in larger retail stores where stock is backed up by larger warehouses or for e-commerce focused on last-mile deliveries.

Lastly, Newland EMEA will exhibit the MT67 Sei– a go-to mobile computer for various applications, from inventory management and order picking to shelf replenishment. Equipped with a 2GHz octa-core processor, Android 11 GMS, and 4GB RAM, the MT67 Sei provides enough power for multitasking and running your activities smoothly. Featuring both the 4.0’’ capacitive touchscreen and the 21-key keyboard with a backlight, the versatile MT67 Sei allows you to choose the most suitable data input method. To add extra comfort to your operations, an ergonomic pistol grip is available to accompany the MT67 Sei and further simplify the scanning process.  

Newland EMEA is excited to showcase its retail technology solutions and meet old and new customers at Retail Technology Show 2023!


For further information on Newland EMEA, please visit:

Or contact:

Stacie Adams, Marketing Director, Newland EMEA


Tel: +31 (0) 345 87 00 33


Established in 2009, Newland EMEA (Newland Europe BV) makes scanning simple. A leading player in the global AIDC industry, we create 1D and 2D data capture & collection devices accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At Newland, we build our products from the ground up. Our product range consists of stationary & handheld scanners, mobile computers, micro kiosks and tablets, and OEM scan engines. All based on our UIMG image technology and 2D decoder chip.

Headquartered in Culemborg, the Netherlands, Newland EMEA supports our local teams across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With over 500+ partners in EMEA, our extensive network of distributors and resellers offer products and services locally in 35+ countries.

Newland EMEA is a member company of Newland Auto-ID Tech, a subsidiary of Newland Digital Technology Co. Ltd.  A public company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (ticker SZE-000997). Newland Digital Technology has over $1B in annual global revenue and 5,000+ employees, specializing in technology research and development, manufacturing and product management, data collection, mobile communication, and payment devices. With over 20 international patents and 500+ intellectual property rights, Newland is the 4th most prominent brand in AIDC technology and the 2nd largest global provider of EFT-POS terminals.

Newland EMEA thrives on a simple mission: to make everyday tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive through our products and partnerships.

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