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12 Feb 2024

Paul & Joe Implements a Luxury-Grade Return Experience

Elyn Stand: 5F40
Paul & Joe Implements a Luxury-Grade Return Experience
"Elyn's innovative approach has been a game-changer for us, especially in refining our return process. Their solutions not only improved efficiency but also elevated our overall customer experience, aligning perfectly with the Paul & Joe ethos." - Paul Albou, Owner, Paul & Joe.

Luxury Expectations Meet Operational Realities

Paul & Joe faced operational challenges in their return process. The existing returns process was manual, sometimes leading to customer dissatisfaction and a misalignment with the brand's high level of customer service. Still, return processes of this type are almost a norm for e-commerce brands.

Paul & Joe wanted to stand out with Elyn.

Elyn's intervention aimed at bridging this gap, ensuring that luxury-grade service was maintained throughout the entire customer journey. This intervention entailed offering online exchanges fitting any scenario (different product, different variant, different price).

Included in these services is Elyn’s proprietary instant exchange process which allows clients to receive an exchange before even having to return their unwanted item, leading to customers being able to receive their new items under 2 days!

Elyn's Customized Approach to Enhance Luxury Returns

Elyn’s return portal was seamlessly integrated with the brand’s existing tools & tech stack. This provided Paul & Joe with a high level of peace of mind as their return process became automated. At the same time, Elyn’s implementation helped reduce the number of return-related customer support tickets by -40% which enabled the Customer Care team to dedicate their efforts in delivering a level of service their customers expected.

This solution provided customers with a straightforward, hassle-free return experience, reflecting the brand's commitment to excellence. The implementation focused on maintaining the elegance and premium feel characteristic of the Paul & Joe brand.

Elevating Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty

The results were immediate and impactful. Returns NPS scores increased by 10 points as customers expressed high satisfaction with the new return process and options, resonating with the luxury service they expected from Paul & Joe. The brand not only saw improved operational efficiency but also strengthened customer loyalty, crucial in the competitive luxury market.

Elyn’s analytics dashboard also enabled Paul & Joe to analyze, in realtime, data on why orders were getting returned or exchanged - allowing the team to react instantly to issues that might arise.

Today, Paul & Joe is enjoying their ability to retain up to 31% of cash that would have otherwise been lost to refunds without Elyn. This has proved positive to the brand’s bottom line as the implementation boosts profit across their product categories.

At Elyn, we take pride in the results we provide our clients. We want to thank Paul & Joe for their faith in our service and we look forward to more collaboration between us.


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