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01 Jan 2024


Compulocks Stand: 5C81

Innovators of solutions for iPad and tablet based interactivity introduce PowerMove to revolutionise Workspaces with Seamless Display, Security and Charging


Compulocks’ new flagship product, the PowerMove, is designed to solve the dynamic needs of modern workspaces. PowerMove merges mobility, charging, data transfer and display functionalities into a single, powerful solution,  to streamline operations and benefit from device use around the workplace.

The PowerMove is designed for use in a variety of settings, including major retail, hotels, restaurants, cafes, event venues, and shopping malls. By enabling off stand use with instant data connection when re docked,  PowerMove enhances the efficiency of any business. While on stand charging, the keyed lock securely mounts the device, while also offering the flexibility of mobility when required. This agile solution improves customer service, efficient stock management, and swift teamwork.

PowerMove features a tablet connector that securely attaches to the device and a dock equipped with a 'lift to release' mechanism for off stand/in hand use. The integration of a USB-C interface facilitates data and power transfer, keeping operations running smoothly. An integrated kickstand on the tablet side enhances usability by offering adjustable viewing angles. The convenience of cable-free, instant charge and data connectivity eliminates clutter, and ensures devices are powered when detached from the dock. To provide comprehensive protection for devices, a fitted rugged case is included, complemented by a T-bar lock slot for an added layer of security.


Compulocks’ Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development notes “PowerMove extends beyond product; it will serve as a key component of our larger ecosystem of solutions.  Integrations with setups from Compulocks' floor displays, counter displays, and wall mountsoffers effective deployment options the end clients tailor to meet the demands of their work setting and use need.

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