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19 Apr 2024

Press Release x‑hoppers Secures Gold at the 2024 Merit Awards for AI‑Powered Retail Solution Enhancing Employee Onboarding and Theft Prevention

x-hoppers Stand: 5A25
Press Release x‑hoppers Secures Gold at the 2024 Merit Awards for AI‑Powered Retail Solution Enhancing Employee Onboarding and Theft Prevention
Merit Awards Winner
The Retail Headset Solution Wins Gold for AI Service Excellence, Silver for Connecting the Unconnected

The Merit Awards, renowned for celebrating excellence in telecom, wireless and mobile technologies, highlighted x‑hoppers for its pivotal role in enhancing retail communications, particularly emphasizing its response to the fact that 70% of consumers base their buying decisions on customer service quality and that 67% are prepared to spend more for superior service.

x‑hoppers’ recognition in the AI: Services category is attributed to its revolutionary application of AI, offering information on demand to retail staff, allowing them to provide informed and personal customer service. The Silver award for Connecting the Unconnected further underscores the company’s efforts to enhance retail communication systems, promoting seamless and inclusive access to information and services to frontline workers.

x‑hoppers' Merit Award for Telecom win is a result of the company’s innovation and customer-centricity. Their Complete Retail Headset System, powered by AI assistance, connects store associates seamlessly and amplifies customer conversions. This accolade celebrates their pioneering spirit and commitment to transforming retail experiences into seamless, personalized engagements.

Marie Zander, Executive Director, Merit Awards


Distinctively, x‑hoppers sets a new industry standard with its unique blend of wireless headsets, smart call points, and AI assistance, crafting a communication ecosystem that surpasses traditional retail headset capabilities. This innovative system not only fosters enhanced collaboration and instantaneous access to information for employees but also significantly improves customer service interactions.

Its AI‑powered features, including an AI Coach and theft detection, not only reduce training time but also address diverse operational, HR, and loss prevention needs, bolstering its market position and making it an essential ally in retail success. This synergy between employee empowerment and innovative technology underpins x‑hoppers’ strategy for delivering superior customer experiences and achieving operational excellence.

Building on its impactful debut at NRF’s annual event in January, x‑hoppers is poised to extend its influence across the UK and US markets throughout 2024. The company is scheduled to attend  the Retail Technology Show on April 24–25, at booth 5A25. These appearances reflect x‑hoppers’ efforts to showcase its AI‑powered communication solutions and cultivate meaningful engagements within the retail technology communities in both regions.

As x‑hoppers continues to lead and innovate, these awards highlight its significant contributions to the telecommunications and retail industries, driving both towards a more connected and technologically advanced future.

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