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How to purchase ANYthing within a one-click maneuver

Apptension Stand: 6K28, Press & Speakers Lounge


blkbx approached us with the idea of creating a simple-checkout application that allows you to sell items through social media, ads, and QR codes.

The main premise of such a product was providing the ability to sell items simply by using a blkbx seller account and linking it to the Stripe app. Thus, the payment could be easily generated for virtually any product, while the buyer could purchase it in one click using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or regular card payments. Having the pitch in mind, our dev team rolled up their sleeves and started the work.


Accelerating the sales process for the sake of sellers’ and customers’

We broke the project down into three phases – to define the scope of work, implement + test the app, and fine-tune it for a better user experience. The first phase included thorough planning according to the initial idea and technical requirements. During the second phase, we deployed the first version of the app and started working on the UX improvements. The third stage is currently in progress and is focused mainly on optimizing the application, simplifying the registration system, and Stripe integration for sellers.

The collaboration with blkbx has also given us the perfect opportunity to use our own SaaS Boilerplate product, too. Just to give you a clear idea – our SaaS Boilerplate is an out-of-the-box toolset that will help businesses build impeccable software without tedious work.  

For this project the Saas Boilerplate was used to accelerate the work and optimize the processes associated with configuring and building the blkbk application. We used it to constitute the basis of the server infrastructure and provide the main tools and functionalities used on the client-side, such as: the authentication system, authorization, payments, and email templates generation system.

Now, with the right toolset, blkbx provides sellers with simple and mobile-first payment stacks that allow you to present products with 1-touch checkout.



Cartless shopping makes abandonment rates drop

Now blkbx is the mobile commerce experience for everyone, everywhere. Making it effortless to sell products through social media, email, online ads, and in real life via flyers, videos, or billboards. Simply clicking a link or scanning a QR code will launch the blkbx stack with its embedded 1-click payment and order confirmation. Using blkbx's dashboard, vendors can set goals, track key metrics or inventory, and create assets for their next ads in a single interface. How cool is that?

When brilliant minds come together, you can’t expect anything but success. Now, any internet purchase can be completed three times faster compared to Shopify, Etsy, or Squarespace. And at a lower cost!

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