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Sisense - Retail Analytics

Sisense Stand: 6B92
Sisense - Retail Analytics
Retail Analytics

Increase profitability through better targeted marketing, assortment planning and pricing strategies

Empower store managers to make better, faster decisions with apps that provide instant access to vital sales, inventory, and store performance data.

Analyze trends to improve sales

Discover what products and categories are resonating buyers, so you can target your marketing and maximize margins. Identify highest value clients, top performing geographies and most popular and profitable product categories. Sisense lets you easily prepare, analyze and visualize big data to find patterns in purchasing behavior, attract more customers and maximize your margins.

Drive efficiencies in your supply chain

Crunch complex data at your fingertips without scripting or coding. Business users can crunch the numbers to discover redundancies and identify winning strategies on the product, brand, or store analytics level. Reduce Costs and maximize profitability, get the information that matters on time, and act on it to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Improve services with access to analytics

Deliver superior, personalized customer service by getting insights into customer buying behavior, pricing and promotions, product information and recommendations.



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