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04 Apr 2023

SmartCIC Delivers Fixed Wireless Access for Over 400 Petrol Stations in 10 Days or Less

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SmartCIC Delivers Fixed Wireless Access for Over 400 Petrol Stations  in 10 Days or Less
It enabled a multinational oil and gas company to rapidly and efficiently connect sites in Poland and Germany with on-the-ground engineers and world-class solutions.

SmartCIC, a global managed service provider, has provided fixed wireless and fixed line connectivity for a multinational oil and gas company across 700 petrol stations in Poland and Germany. 400 sites were connected using a fixed wireless access (FWA) solution as the primary connectivity option with the remaining sites using FWA as a back-up solution. SmartCIC provided on-the-ground engineers, hardware and networking with a total delivery time of 10 days or less.

The oil and gas company needed to install fixed line services throughout local markets in challenging locations as well as increase uptime for their critical retail applications such as Point of Sale (POS) devices, payments and enterprise resource management (ERP) platforms. SmartCIC tailored the solution to each site to provide the best networking option for each location. It used local cellular intelligence to assess network performance and the radio frequency environment, then recommended services that would deliver the best possible experience and uptime for users.

“SmartCIC is enabling disruptive retail experiences with new agility and intelligence. We are enabling retailers to rapidly transform their operations while giving them the freedom to pop-up and deliver new experiences wherever they see an opportunity. Networking should be an enabler rather than a barrier to serving customers,” said Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC. “We have an intelligence-driven model that has enabled us to make precise decisions about connectivity and accelerate network rollouts. For our oil and gas customer, we didn’t just connect 700 sites. We gave them a flexible foundation for delivering new digital services that increase efficiency and profitability.”  

SmartCIC has more than 25,000 engineers on-the-ground across more than 200 countries globally. It combines deep networking talent and expertise with accountability and execution across an international footprint. SmartCIC has more than 1,000 carrier partners globally and is serving Tier 1 carriers, Fortune 500, and FTSE 100 companies.  

“We offer a smarter way to deliver digital infrastructure that cascades across the entire value chain. Our international carrier partners are able to win new and larger contracts because they have a reliable and trusted provider that can deliver wherever connectivity is needed. Retailers gain an expert partner with a proven model and end users receive an excellent quality of service and experience,” said Forman. “We’re solving complex networking challenges and enabling service providers and enterprises to benefit from intelligent and trusted connectivity, field services, and consultancy.”

SmartCIC has created a flexible and adaptable model that combines hands-on experience, and on-the-ground intelligence with international reach and execution. SmartCIC provides broadband, direct internet access (DIA), 4G/5G, large capacities and wave technologies as well as SLA backed field services solutions from smart hands to fully certified professionals.

About SmartCIC

Headquartered in France and with offices and facilities in 13 countries, SmartCIC delivers flexible and agile connectivity and field services solutions to international carriers and global enterprise in over 120 countries. Naturally a multi-lingual business the team currently speak 17 different languages in its day-day operations with customers and partners.

SmartCIC’s core values of flexibility and agility are driven by the team’s approach to solution orientated design.  SmartCIC’s strategy is to deliver fully flexible solutions that meet the needs of demanding and evolving environments.

We help customers work smarter to achieve their objectives.

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