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07 Mar 2023

SPAR to use VisionR’s in-store technology across retail network

VisionR Stand: DZ04

Multinational food retail chain SPAR has entered an international agreement with Irish start-up VisionR to provide revenue-generating data.

The retailer will use VisionR’s shopper-driven insights across its retail network in 48 countries.

VisionR’s Scout technology transforms real-world shopper experiences into online data that retailers can access using VisionR’s App programme.

Using computer vision and machine learning technologies, Scout will provide information related to marketing, sales and operations that can help retailers make decisions to increase revenues.

The technology tags customers into different categories such as footfall, shopping groups and profiles, shop durations and spending amounts.

SPAR International serves 14.5 million customers daily via its network of more than 13,600 stores worldwide.

Previously known as Glimpse, VisionR offers retailers insights from their stores by combining previously inaccessible data to personalise the shopping experience and drive sales.

The company was founded jointly by Oran Mulvey and Shane O’Sullivan.

Mulvey said: “Through our partnership with SPAR International, we are able to support SPAR organisations across 48 countries by providing revenue generating data.”

The partnership comes after VisionR completed a recent €1.5m investment round led by Delta Partners.

Delta Partners partner Dermot Berkery said: “Physical retailers have been starved of insights to their customers.

“That makes it incredibly hard for them to compete against online retailers that have voluminous data and rich insights.

“What excited us at Delta about what Oran and Shane are doing is the promise of levelling the playing field for physical retailers.

“Their technology is simple to adopt and gives insights right out of the box, all while staying within the important bounds set down by privacy requirements such as GDPR.”

Earlier this month, SPAR opened a 720m² store in Saldus, Latvia, its first in the Eastern European country.

The store sells grocery and fresh products and has an in-store bakery.

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