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24 Jan 2024

Update to Tiramisu: Android 13 for DENSO handhelds

DENSO WAVE Stand: 6G80
Update to Tiramisu: Android 13 for DENSO handhelds
Android 13 is now the new operating system on the popular BHT-M series from DENSO, member of the Toyota Group.

Düsseldorf. Android 13 has been introduced to the market with the codename Tiramisu – and it is now available for the BHT-M60, BHT-M70 and BHT-M80 from DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

“Android 13 offers numerous advantages that users will benefit from. We are pleased about this important update for our mobile computers,” says Dirk Gelbrich, General Manager Technical Department at DENSO WAVE EUROPE.

More and more customers require a modern and up-to-date operating system that is compatible with other end devices. Hence, DENSO is responding to the demand.

The update allows users to design Android according to their own preferences and adapt it to their everyday work needs. Among other things, the preferred language can be specified individually for each app. Companies also have even more control over the data and information used and shared – an advantage in terms of data protection.

In short: The BHT-M series gets even better with Android 13. And  DENSO always has one aspect clearly in mind when developing all mobile data capture devices and Auto-ID solutions: the user.

The robust and powerful handhelds accelerate and simplify processes even more efficiently and ensure relief for users. In particular, they are ideal for the use in logistics, retail, production, and manufacturing. With the BHT-M series, employees can manage the advancing digitalization in all sectors.

The handhelds of the BHT-M series are equipped with DENSO’s best scan engine. Whether creased, poorly printed, smeared or behind highly reflective surfaces such as foil – the handhelds ensure that users can capture even the most difficult labels quickly and effortlessly.

Dirk Gelbrich mentions another advantage of Android as an operating system in regards to user-friendliness: “Android is an intuitive operating system that most users are familiar with due to their own smartphones. This leads to short training phases with the handhelds so that employees can get started almost straight away, which in turn saves time and money.”

“We strive for perfection with our devices and Auto-ID solutions and are therefore focused on long-lasting, sustainable quality. The fact that our mobile computers are now receiving an update makes them the perfect companions in a wide range of industries in the future,” summarizes Gelbrich.

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