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Yocuda and Flooid elevate the retail experience

Global Blue Stand: 5E60
Yocuda and Flooid elevate the retail experience
This collaboration continues our commitment to empowering retailers and enhancing the overall shopping experience. It is designed to meet the needs of the constantly evolving retail landscape, where businesses are seeking new ways to enhance customer experiences, optimise operations and gain a competitive edge.

Creating a powerful solution for retailers

The integration of Yocuda’s dynamic digital receipts solution with Flooid’s cutting-edge unified commerce platform comes with many benefits for retailers. Here are just five:

  1. Data-driven strategies:
    Digital receipts provide retailers with the opportunity to identify customers in store and then to merge that data set with ecommerce transactions to build out a single customer view.  As a result, our partnership enables retailers to implement data-driven strategies, using valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences and purchasing patterns.  
  1. Increase customer engagement and loyalty:
    Combining Yocuda’s expertise in digital receipts with Flooid’s POS solution allows retailers to craft dynamic, personalised and engaging customer experiences. With an average 75% open rate, digital receipts deliver a unique communication channel to continue the conversation post purchase. Whether through targeted promotions, product information or brand communications, this partnership unlocks the next level of customer engagement to increase sales and customer loyalty.
  1. Innovative omnichannel solutions:
    Our collaboration with Flooid creates the possibility of innovative omnichannel possibilities. Retailers can harness the power of both Yocuda and Flooid to create a unified and seamless shopping journey for customers. This bridges the gap between physical and digital retail.
  1. Operational efficiency:
    Retailers can also benefit from the seamless integration of Yocuda and Flooid technologies.  With Yocuda integrated in to Flooid’s core product, there is very little onboarding required beyond the design of a bespoke digital receipt template.
  1. Reduced environmental impact: 
    By eliminating paper receipts, we can help retailers and customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Unlocking possibilities for retailers 

Our partnership sets the stage for a new era of digital retail solutions. Customer identification, data-driven strategies and post purchase engagement are key to helping retailers thrive in an ever more competitive retail market.  If you would like to learn more about how Yocuda and Flooid can transform the in-store experience and drive customer loyalty, please schedule a demo with us.

About Flooid:

Flooid helps retailers create the seamless shopping experiences that customers demand. Flooid’s unified commerce platform empowers merchants to sell to customers flexibly and consistently wherever they are and however they choose to shop. Our best of breed open ecosystem gives retailers the power to connect leading retail tech partners with a single unified commerce platform to engage with your shoppers, sell more effectively across channels and adapt to retail shopping changes we have yet to imagine. 

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