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02 Dec 2022

Focal AdaPOG

Focal Systems Stand: 6A36

After a few weeks, Focal's AI begins detecting chronic out-of-stocks and gets a feel for the movement of product in a store. The AI will begin making reccomendations on how a store's planogram can be altered to increase EBITDA. AdaPOG is the portal where retailers can interface with the AI, see reccomendedations, and either approve or decline them. Never before has the retail industry been able to micro-plan their planograms to such a granular level. AdaPOG allows for store's to make micro-resets on a frequent basis according to their local clientele's demands. Without AdaPOG, retailers will be stuck waiting on old data that doesn't take into account the unique selling patterns of each store, resulting in a cookie-cutter approach to planogramming that takes months to correct.

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