Stylumia Stand: 6A63

Predict True Demand And Get It Right Every Time

Prevailing demand planning methods are supply-focused (what’s in the market already). They are conventional consumer research-based models or at best, analyses of textual attributes. Stylumia's Apollo predicts consumer demand trends using award-winning AI and ML Demand Science™ predictive analytics.

Predict relative consumer demand potential at the prototype stage itself to choose relevant styles for future yet-to-be-launched ranges. Get accurate True Demand™ insights on the 'next big' market trends, with an easy-to-use dashboard that can be customized.

Optimize pricing, promotions, and inventory. Maximize sales velocity, revenue, and profit. No style is a poor performer if bought in the right quantity at the right time. Predict absolute price demand at various levels of distribution channels geographically. Avoid over-buy (inventory leftovers) and under-buy (lost sales opportunities).

Apollo has demonstrated a best in the class increase in forecast accuracy of anywhere between 20% and 40% from the current baseline with our clients. This effect creates an opportunity to double your profits.

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