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28 Mar 2023

Apteco FastStats®

Apteco Stand: 5B9
  • Apteco FastStats®
  • Apteco FastStats®
  • Apteco FastStats®
Apteco FastStats® Apteco FastStats® Apteco FastStats®

Release the full value of your data

Explore your data in greater detail than ever before. Identify patterns in transactional data, perform customer profiling analysis, predictive modelling, basket analysis, create new variables and execute geographical analysis – giving you the insights to ensure that each and every customer receives the personalised experience they expect.

Speed of campaigns

In marketing, timing is crucial. Take too long to segment your audience and select the appropriate channels, and the opportunity to be relevant and on-trend may have already passed. Apteco gives you the ability to move from creation to execution at speed, by exporting data in many formats and transferring directly into your digital and offline marketing channels.

Easy to use

At Apteco, we believe in empowering marketers and data analysts with industry-leading software and powerful algorithms. And we want to ensure that no matter how your role works with marketing data to improve the customer experience your brand offers, you’re able to extract the knowledge and data insights you need to work at your best. That’s why Apteco FastStats is an intuitive, easy-to-use application, giving marketing and data science teams fingertip access to their customer, transaction and marketing data.


Everyone is different, so why send the same messages to all recipients? Apteco FastStats gives you the power to recognise common traits and create customer segments directly from charts and visualisations to improve engagement.

Data analysis

With analysis and visualisation tools you can dig deeper into your data and extract more value, while integration with Python and R gives advanced analytical users access to many more modelling techniques.

Identify new opportunities

Are there geographical regions or a segment of prospects with untapped potential? Using an intuitive “drag and drop” approach, FastStats provides a unique combination of speed and power for data exploration and understanding. Quickly spot opportunities for business growth.

Best next offer

Built-in machine learning and advanced modelling techniques combine behavioural and spend analysis to calculate the best next products to tempt customers, as well as providing cross and upselling opportunities.


Data visualisations make it easy to check and understand the characteristics of your audience. Our powerful software quickly generates interactive charts, Venn diagrams, word clouds and profiles from your data.

Create audiences

Apteco FastStats gives you complete control when creating audiences for campaigns. You have the power to build the perfect target audience from transactions, engagement and customer journey stage to improve your campaign performance.

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