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28 Mar 2023

Apteco PeopleStage™

Apteco Stand: 5B9
  • Apteco PeopleStage™
  • Apteco PeopleStage™
  • Apteco PeopleStage™
Apteco PeopleStage™ Apteco PeopleStage™ Apteco PeopleStage™

Increase the value of each customer

With Apteco PeopleStage you can quickly and efficiently build powerful campaigns and orchestrate journeys across all your channels; campaigns that turn prospects into customers, and occasional customers into loyal advocates.

Automated campaigns and journeys

Automation allows you to enjoy marketing complexity with operational efficiency. Triggered messages and carefully considered workflows enable you to orchestrate customer journeys and quickly respond to status changes, enabling you to communicate with your customers at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

Highly personalised

With Apteco PeopleStage you can achieve high levels of personalisation every time, across every channel, and with every customer. We help you to improve the performance of your campaigns by enabling you to demonstrate that you understand and value each customer.

Near real-time

Seize the initiative when customers initiate triggers. After all, the right communication at the right time is the golden rule of data-driven marketing. Automate your online abandonment campaigns so that a coupon arrives in the post the following day, or use location-based marketing to initiate an instant smartphone push.

Drive push and pull digital strategies

Push your targeted marketing messages out to new audiences via email or display, or draw consumers towards your products using social media and pay per click. Create more loyal customers and followers to drive engagement and sales.

Build campaigns quickly

Repetitive but necessary work slowing you down? Create handy templates, allowing you and your team to repurpose previous campaigns and increase the speed of your activities.

Maximise channels

Design and build true omni-channel campaigns thanks to integrations with your key marketing channels. Make your message heard wherever your customers are.

Engage using live data

Don’t miss your moment. Use live data resources to immediately engage with new prospects and customers.

Apteco Intelligence (AI)

Add extra insights and automated intelligence capabilities into your campaigns. Promote the most likely next purchase, adapt content choices, prioritise campaigns, and optimise to each individual’s preferences.

Evaluate campaigns

Track the performance of your campaigns at every stage, and through every channel. With control groups and on-going response analysis you can make changes to improve performance. Collect and define response data for closed loop marketing and event-triggered response handling.

Implement contact rules

Closely define every element of your communications and campaigns, with the ability to set rules around frequency, concurrency, prioritisation, costs, and GDPR requirements.

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