Consumer Intelligence Tool (C.IT)

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  • Consumer Intelligence Tool (C.IT)
  • Consumer Intelligence Tool (C.IT)
Consumer Intelligence Tool (C.IT) Consumer Intelligence Tool (C.IT)

Busting The Myth Behind Fashion Forecasting

Fashion forecasting is led by expert opinion and subjective market research for years, uses supply data instead of demand data. Stylumia’s Consumer Intelligence Tool (CIT) analyses consumer demand data using proprietary AI-powered Demand Sensing™ algorithms. We look at availability, sales velocity, and clustering at the color size level.

We analyze millions of consumer reviews to define consumer likes and dislikes. We cover brands, retailers, and runways, relevant to our partner brand and prepare a customized fashion forecast. The tool maps new product introductions, pricing and discount movement, market positioning, promotional offers, and daily information on bestsellers and laggards across the competition. Consumer Intelligence Tool can instantly determine consumer buying behavior across markets, geographical regions, fashion retailers/brands, categories, and styles/colors – enabled by our Demand Science™ engine.

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