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Demand Ai

SolvedBy.Ai Stand: 6B18

Forecasting sales is a great start to getting the correct amount of staff scheduled; however, an out-of-date, standard labour model often undoes all that good work. Having an AI generate the staffing levels for each department and location weekly ensures that you always have the optimum staff level on site.

Demand.Ai ensures that you have the right number of staff in the right place at the time when there is the demand for them; this provides the opportunity for:

  • 6% Improvement in sales revenue
  • 4% savings on staff labour costs

Demand.Ai takes historical staffing levels and demand factors such as revenue or the number of sales to produce an operational model for each of your business units. When combined with a forecast for the coming weeks, Demand.Ai provides a required headcount per role for every 30 minutes for that business unit.

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