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18 Mar 2024

FAIR Ideate

Rackspace Stand: 5A68

Determine business goals and define a top-priority generative AI use case in three weeks

During our Ideate engagement, we’ll work with you to determine your goals and conduct a feasibility evaluation of AI and its impact on your business operations. Next, we’ll define a top-priority AI use case. Then we’ll help you assess the quality of the applications and data that are relevant to that use case.

Over the course of several short sprints, we will:

  • Explore and identify what AI can do for you
  • Evaluate the intended and unintended consequences of adding AI to your operations
  • Review the quality and integrity of your data as a key ingredient of AI
  • Plan how to embed your company values, fairness and governance into your AI operations.

During the Industrialize phase of AI adoption, we will carefully fine-tune and deploy these solutions in your environment to help ensure complete integrity throughout the process.

Our approach

Through a series of short sprints, we will identify the AI use cases and create a roadmap for reaching your goals. We will also evaluate:

  • Feasibility and sustainability goals: How to establish the ideal AI goals for your organization.
  • Platform support: How to create a robust platform for AI, while ensuring scalability and efficiency.
  • Implementation recommendations: Best practices for planning your AI architecture, policy development and guardrails.
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