Focal Action Tool

Focal Systems Stand: 6A36

Action Tool is used primarily by store associates and managers to know exactly what is out-of-stock in their stores, which out-of-stocks are workable, and which workable out-of-stocks require the most urgent attention. The tool creates an Instagram style of feed to display tasks. It also has a tool for stockers to reverse scan product so they know whether or not product in the backroom needs to be brought to the sales floor. Before, stockers would simply shuffle out loads of product to a sales floor, fill what they could, and then return excess product to a backroom. This process gave no thought to which out-of-stocks are the highest priority and will impact a store's profit the most. In addition, the Action Tool can provide details on when a product went out-of-stock so store associates can fill the shelves the moment the shelf is empty, thus mitigating any lost sales caused by the out-of-stock.

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