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02 Dec 2022

Focal Impact Tool

Focal Systems Stand: 6A36

Focal's Impact Tool is used primarily by store managers and corporate to get access to real-time and accurate data on a store's condition. This tool displays information including the images taken by the shelf-cameras, a heatmap of a store, out-of-stocks overtime, stocker productivity, a store walk that shows all out-of-stocks in a store, and other key metrics on a store's profitablity. This tool essentially allows a user to teleport into a store in their fleet and see firsthand what is happening. Phone calls and tedious spreadsheets are a thing of the past with Impact Tool. Remote users can see a store's condition and complete tasks like a store walk in a matter of seconds from any location at any time. This transparency into a store's on-shelf availability has never been seen before and is now possible with the Impact Tool.

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