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Forecasting Ai

SolvedBy.Ai Stand: 6B18

With Forecasting.Ai you can achieve multiple sources of value with 

  • Automate your organisation's performance management and workforce planning and save money and time.
  • Increase revenue per transaction by having the required resources to support your customer's needs.
  • Reduce staffing wastage by having the right number of staff in the right place at the right time and resources to do their job.

Our customers profit from proven benefits that include: 

  • Increased revenue week on week by up to 13%
  • Reduce stock costs by up to 6%
  • Improved margins of up to 7%

Forecasting.Ai Capabilities include: 

  • Revenue Forecasting 
  • Item Sales Forecasting 
  • Stock Level Forecasting 
  • Footfall Forecasting 
  • Visitor Numbers Forecasting
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