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The Fresh Operating System for fruits & vegetables

Smartway Stand: 5E20

Nourishing the future with every fresh choice.

Keep freshness at the forefront, ensuring every bite is as good for the planet as it is for consumers.

Perfect order to become leader.

Maximize freshness, minimize waste, drive revenue and margin.

The perfect order starts with reliable stocks.

Up to 70% of the stock level datas in your ERP are false.
The Fresh Operating System simplifies inventory management so it becomes simpler and faster to adjust stocks and improve orders.

- Digitalize inventory guides with shipment records and sales data for each store
Accelerate inventory management with real time and detailed insights about stock levels
Secure stocks by forecasting possible future inventory levels, depending on tailor made loose fruits & vegetables features

Boost freshness and store efficiency.

Achieve fresher produce and give consumers more time at home to consume their fruits and vegetables. Increase profitability by enhancing the precision of store orders. Enhance experience for employees.

- Place the perfect order with powerfull demand forecasting AI & ML (weather event, seasonality)
Uplift the revenue with ‘just-in-time’ supply which reduce stockouts
Increase consumers attraction with a fresher department that makes difference with competitors

Empower in store associate to execute the perfect order.

Rely on technology to approve order suggestions based on several data points such as sales history, weather forecasts and predictive demand.

- Enable employees with technology to make the right decisions when placing orders
Implement a results-oriented culture to see the impact of each order and adjust according KPIs
Simulate in real-time order prescription towards margin, revenue, shrink and stockouts ratios

Less waste and higher profitability.

By reducing shrink, the Fresh Operating System not only fosters a more responsible retail world but also enhances profitability. Efficient inventory management minimizes waste, leading to significant cost savings and improved profit margins.

- Reduce shrink with real-time insights about stocks
Reduce unknown shrinkage and get alerts on sensitive products
Improve margins by placing perfect orders on your best references

By reducing overstock and minimizing waste, Smartway ensure a fresher and more appealing product selection.
The Fresh Operating System intelligent forecasting not only improves shelf life but also drives sales by ensuring optimal stock levels at all times.

+3% Sales increase

+7% Faster inventory

-25% shrink reduction

-80% stockout reduction

+12% penetration rate

Fast and easy roll-out with road to success.

Upgrade your store operations rapidly. Our dedicated teams ensure efficient deployment, aligning with your roadmap for immediate operational improvements and measurable gains in efficiency and profitability.

- Audit of your stores to identify what to change and how
Dedicated project teams to ensure efficient roll-out based on your roadmap and IT requirements
Change Management to facilitate these mutations in the order process
Drive success with your KPIs at ExCom, regional and store levels

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