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26 Mar 2024

Full Conversion Funnel Analysis

Vionvision Stand: 5F80
  • Full Conversion Funnel Analysis
  • Full Conversion Funnel Analysis
Full Conversion Funnel Analysis Full Conversion Funnel Analysis

How to increase the conversion rate is always a perpetual goal for retail businesses. VionVision's footfall solutions offer precise measurement of the store conversion funnel, optimising processes, improving customer satisfaction, and eventually increasing profitability.

Key Features

  • Staff Exclusion And Visitor Repeats Removal Technologies
  • Passersby Counting
  • One Of The Most Accurate Demographics Analysis Solutions
  • Group Counting
  • Dwell Time Distribution
  • Checkout Area Analysis And Purchase Rate Measurement

Improvement of the Full Conversion Funnel by OODA Methodology

1. Observe: Competitive comparsion of cross-store footfall Data by Head Office(s)

2. Orientation: Finding (abnormally high/low)Anomalies,comparing and sorting

3. Decision: Demographics Factor Analysis by Using 4-in-1 AIoT Devices or Smart Terminals

4. Action: Cloud-based BI Generating Improvements and Execution Plans

Improvement of Full Conversion Funnel by PDCA Organic Cycle 

Unify the brand image, duplicate successful marketing strategies, and Implement the most efficient staff management  

Plan: Additional greeters at the entrances, changes the layout of window decorations, customer path optimisation with higher-value products, etc.

DO: Provide strategic skill training programmes for shops that are frequented but have low occupancy rates. 

CHECK: A/B testing, cross-store comparison, and AI-empowered cluster analysis.

ACTION: Trial, duplication and standardisation of effective marketing method(s), for instance, integrating POS data with the staff scheduling system. 





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