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Helping Retailers build competitive advantage through stronger, faster application development

Computacenter Stand: 6A67

Why do application and development modernisation matter to retailers?

According to a McKinsey report, organisations considered top performers at software creation benefit from:

  • Four to five times faster revenue growth
  • On average 20% greater profitability
  • 40% better talent management (satisfaction of their own employees)
  • 60% more innovation (considered as their ability to build new products)
  • 50% better brand perception and customer satisfaction

Many organisations are struggling to modernise their applications and development environment, however, due to:

  • Limitations of legacy infrastructure
  • Application security issues
  • Challenges in scaling up
  • Skills shortages

Computacenter works closely with partners such as VMware by Broadcom and platform including Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu, to help retail organisations achieve their application modernisation goals.


Computacenter’s DORA and Value Stream Assessments enable organisations to benchmark their current processes and toolsets to identify areas for improvement.

We help Consolidate the Software Toolchain to bring greater efficiency and cost savings.

With DevSecOps Automation, we automate security, integration, testing and deployment to simplify and accelerate the software development lifecycle.

Cloud-native application platforms

Computacenter can assist with Application Rearchitecting so retail organisations can leverage loosely coupled microservices that enable greater agility.

Our Container Adoption and Unification services bring developers onto a common platform so they can prevent duplication of effort, standardise approaches and share knowledge.  And with API Modernisation, developers can bring together modular services more easily.


Computacenter’s Data and Instrumentation Assessments help organisations establish suitable monitoring tools so they’re consistently capturing the right data.

With Digital Experience Management Enablement, we help retail organisations to monitor and measure the customer experience, so they can ensure their applications are performing as expected.

Application Instrumentation helps organisations understand how their applications are working by capturing transaction speed and other performance criteria.

With a better developer experience, faster development lifecycles and optimised toolsets, retail organisations can:

  1. Enhance competitive advantage
  2. Attract and retain talent
  3. And improve the customer experience
  4. Reduce costs
  5. Boost business agility
  6. Increase security
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