Stylumia Stand: 6A63

Create Winning Ideas With 2X Winning Probability

Stylumia's ImaGenie is to fashion design what the digital camera and image-filters were to photography, the most innovative game-changing developments in an industry which only saw incremental improvements for decades.

It is the world’s most accurate predictive design tool, which processes and analyses millions of images and textual attributes of fashion styles across runways, fashion websites, and e-commerce to generate winning designs. ImaGenie is an advanced predictive analytics capability that applies artificial intelligence ethically to generate design shortlists using a simplified and gamified dashboard that produces winning permutations and combinations of design ideas curated to a particular brand/ designer DNA. A fashion designer’s ability to quickly create trend-relevant storyboards and mood boards, determine which design concepts to pursue, and be stimulated by Imagenie’s creations will change the way we look at creation and design in the future.

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