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Increff Omni Solution

Increff Stand: 6K01
  • Increff Omni Solution
  • Increff Omni Solution
Increff Omni Solution Increff Omni Solution

A combination of Warehouse Management (WMS), Store Fulfillment (O2O, Offline to Online), & Order Management (OMS) platforms for inventory optimization across retail, wholesale, web, & marketplace sales channels. This cloud-based solution has robust integrations with web portals (Magento, Shopify, etc.) & marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, etc.). It enables 100% inventory visibility across channels & facilitates order routing & splitting between retail stores & distribution centers to enable faster fulfillment from any location. Real-time (< 15 sec) inventory order sync prevents excess order cancellations due to overbuying. Other significant benefits include 

  • 100% scan-based first-time-right operations

  • 99.9% accuracy with no audit or cycle count requirement

  • 99.9% order fulfillment accuracy within the promise to-ship time

  • Quick employee training (in just 5 mins) for higher productivity from day 1 & ease of multitasking 

  • Less dependency on skilled labor with no decision-making required by labor

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