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JK Series (Cachet)

Kiosk Embedded Systems Stand: 5F20

Slim, Modern, and Intelligent

With a true-flat enclosure, the Cachet JK-3200 Series features a bright, high definition 32" PCAP touch screen that makes it easy for customers to interact in a way they want.

Flexible Configurations

Offering flexible configurations in wall-mounted, single or dual-sided operation, the Cachet JK-3200 Series adapts to evolving business needs.

Reversible Printing Function

A special printer driver that allows the printout from bottom to the top, so the printout is facing the user in the right direction, instead of the other way with the traditional printing. This seemingly small touch can greatly enhance the user experience.

Limitless Possibilities

The Cachet JK-3200 Series is integrated with a variety of peripheral options in self-device applications, including 2D Scanner, receipt printer, NFC, service indicator, bracket for EMV payment devices, and more.

Tailored for Easy Maintenance

Designed for easy installation, cable management, and maintenance, the Cachet JK-3200 Series makes everything simple, slim, and cost-efficient.

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