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KORE Smart Security Solutions

KORE Wireless Stand: 5F50

Smart surveillance is crucial for businesses looking 
to prevent theft and increase security for their 
employees and customers. Remote sensors 
embedded inside IoT security cameras are used to 
instantly identify intruders or suspicious individuals 
and automatically send alerts to business owners.  On the retail 
side, cloud video surveillance can integrate with 
Point of Sale (POS) systems to track the entire 
customer journey, from entry to checkout, helping 
businesses optimize customer service and 
maximize sales opportunities. 

KORE supports the application of IoT smart 
surveillance solutions via its OmniSIM technology 
that provides global, resilient, future-proofed 
connectivity. The KORE OmniSIM makes it simple to achieve 
infallible connectivity to support data-driven, IoT 
security solutions. 

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