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Loyalty Management Platform

Lobyco Stand: 5D70

Lobyco's intuitive, flexible Loyalty Member Management Portal can store all member information, including currency base earn, active tiers, active subscriptions, offers available and even demographics, so they can reward & retain their most loyal shoppers. 

Increase value perception with members Loyalty Wallet - the perfect way to show members how much they save, and make it easier to shop and reward/recognise loyalty.

With Real-Time Currency Master capabilities, retailers are empowered with a unified overview of their loyalty currencies, with configurable earn & burn capabilities, independent of any banner and/or channel.

Retailers can also dynamically assign Tier levels with several benefits based on purchases and other factors, so members get even more reward for shopping with you.

Give customers more choice with House holding - the ability to connect two or more accounts together for mutually beneficial pooling of rewards, loyalty currency (points/bonus/stars) to offer flexibility & convenience.

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