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Mako 4600

evolve Stand: 6H28

These are industrial-strength devices with no moving parts, designed to meet the challenging requirements and environments of distributed enterprises. The Mako 4600 is ideal for extending Wi-Fi range or for replacing an outdated secure zone router.

Wi-Fi 6 not only improves communication speed and range by using the latest hardware, it also utilizes an array of new features to improve communication efficiency and security, resulting in a better experience for dense networks, increased signal reliability, reduced power consumption, and enhanced encryption options. This new standard directly addresses the explosion of device density in all wireless environments, from small home networks to huge sports arenas.

Like all Mako devices, the Mako 4600 access point is managed via our cloud-based network management and monitoring application, the Mako Central Management System (CMS), part of our proprietary, PCI-certified network platform, the Mako System.

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