Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Dynamics 365

HSO Stand: 6E50
  • Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Dynamics 365
Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Dynamics 365 Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Dynamics 365
  • Understand your customers 
    Gain a single view of your customer to understand their needs and serve them across all channels, improving the shopping experience and long-term loyalty. 

  • Accelerate demand generation 
    Personalise the buying journey with cross-team collaboration throughout the sales process, plus intelligent product recommendations for cross-selling and upselling, increasing profits. 

  • Harness a data-driven supply chain 
    Anticipate customer demand with advanced analytics, providing insights to reduce time to market and improve stock management. 

  • Empower your employees 
    Give employees the tools to accelerate their efficiency and productivity with mobility, collaboration and operational management solutions. 

Retail-specific solutions – such as inventory monitoring, fraud protection, commerce and customer insight tools – are ready the moment you need them. 

As your customer needs change, Dynamics 365 easily adapts with you. Each of its tools connect to the same growing pool of data and Dynamics 365 tools are “modular,” meaning: 

  • You don’t create your entire system at once. 

  • You don’t tear down what you’ve already built. 

  • You don’t have to get everything right first time. 

Install what you need, leave out anything you don’t. 

Focus on your most important processes to: 

  • Analyse what’s working. 

  • Establish new best-practices. 

  • Test ideas and innovate rapidly. 

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