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Inventory Management

Trust Systems Stand: 6A72

Revolutionising your Store Operations with Mobile Stock Management — Access your Store in your Hand.

We are focused on providing digital solutions to drive new operational strategies to deliver change and optimise operational processes to create value. For traditional brick and mortar retailers, the store operation is still a major cost line.

When dealing with perishables, you need an accurate and real-time account for optimal stock levels. We know that overstocking leads to expired and discounted products, while understocking leads to a loss of potential profits and a poor customer experience.

Our Stock Management solution is a cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly tool that gives your business a real-time central view of stock to support better processes, better availability, better selling. We have thought of everything from stock notifications, to intelligent caching, to automated reporting. We seamlessly integrate and connect with your back-office functions, POS, Click & Collect and delivery solutions.

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