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Omni-Plan: Allocation Optimization

Invent Analytics Stand: 6B61

An advanced allocation optimization solution means much more than meeting customer demand at a store or regional level.  Solution-based service-level frameworks to manage store inventories cannot capture the omni-channel complexity successfully.  Initial and in-season allocation decisions should position inventory optimally anticipating offline sales and omni-channel customers’ fulfillment needs – to be close to the omni-channel customers without carrying excessive inventory.

Our Allocation Optimization solution makes products readily available at stores for fast pick up by or delivery to customers while avoiding overflow inventory to stores. It allocates inventory of your short-life products to stores, mini-DC’s and hub stores in anticipation of omni-channel demand so that you can fulfill from every possible source. 

By sending the right amount of inventory to your stores, you reduce left-over risks at stores and early stockout risks at distribution centers. As a result of dynamic and smart positioning of inventory, you get higher sell-through and reduce overall fulfillment costs.

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