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Checkout Areas Management

Vionvision Stand: 5F80

Checkout is the final stage of the full conversion funnel, and it's also the most regrettable step if the customer gives up. Vionvision's solution provides retailers with sophisticated management tools to streamline the checkout process, guarantee a flawless customer experience, and lower the abandonment rate.

Key Features:

  • Queue Management
  • Cashier Engagement and Scheduling Improvement
  • Loss Prevention
  • Alarm with Prevention Notifications

No One Likes To Wait In Line! VionVision To The Rescue

For traditional surveillance cameras, “queuing units” are one of the most challenging objects to accurately identify and consistently track, as individual customers come and go, and queue lines are always flexible.

VionVision has been working on developing cutting-edge AI algorithms to identify queuing units in a variety of scenarios and provide managers with the ability to identify queuing units from the perspectives of cashier occupancy, checkout lane shapes, prevention of abandonment, and on-site queue fatigue-release methods, as well as provide managers with data-driven adjustment strategies and digital management infographics.




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